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Which Massage for me today?
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Phuket Massage - Which massage for me today?
It’s not complicated to get an answer on which massage for you today at Phu Massage in Phuket

First of all, just inspect yourself in which part of your body that works strangely or in which part that you feel stiff.

Check your parts of body like arm, leg, neck, hand, ankle, shoulder or head is having problem or if you just fall off the pillow last night or does your arm can raise through its end.  In particular, the symptom that is mostly found chronic injury from sport or work.  With this symptom you should book and we can prepare schedule in advance in order to obtain continuous treatment.  All these symptoms can be moderated by Thai Traditional Massage by the high level therapist of Phu Massage.  We will focus point by point such as head and neck massage, hand and arm massage, back and shoulder massage, etc.

We also offer Thai Herbal Steam Massage to cure the bruise, impact injury or serious pains from accident or unknown cause.  Our herbal compress ball combines all traditional herbs with applicable heat to ease the symptom.  Thai massage is also available for all active persons.  Just taking only 2 hours of Thai massage and you can feel fresh and free from any stress.  Thai massage helps relaxing the nervous system and motivates the blood circulation through the body. 

Then you can feel that your overall body is getting better miraculously.  For those who the muscles are not as flexible as before, this symptom arises due to lacking of exercise or never taking any massage.  In this matter, the regular massage may not be effective.  But oil massage is the answer.  Oil will be absorbed to make the skin softer and easy for massage. 

If you would also like your skin tanned, we suggest that you use coconut oil before taking sunbath. After finishing sunbath, we have Aloe Vera gel to prevent from sunburn.  Phuket Massage: Head to Toe Package Phuket Massage

In addition to the oil that supports the massage course, we also provide aromatherapy massage that applies essential oils which offer the fragrance and which will be absorbed through the skin.  You can feel really impressive and relaxed throughout the massage course. 

For those who has never taken any massage course or taken very little of massage or those who are not muscular enough, we recommend you trying Swedish massage.  This kind of massage uses only fingertips to press the tendons in which the pressure will be less than other kinds of massage.  On the contrary, sport massage is suitable for the muscular persons like sportsmen and for those who take regular weight training or those who would like hard pressure massage. 

Our therapists use their organs such as elbows and knees to create hard pressure. 

Phuket Massage This kind of massage is suitable for those with strong muscles.  Foot reflexology is also a popular massage.  It is not only offering healthy feet but also motivating blood circulation throughout the body such as liver, kidney, spleen, lungs, stomach, etc. that are inside and cannot be touched directly.  However, we apply Thai foot massage to motivate the circulation of the body.


After taking the treatment, it’s time for skin treatment by body scrub.  We are prepared to make your skin smoother and softer rapidly and significantly.  For those who have little time or do not like scrub, we recommend body mask to nourish the skin.  We offer four kinds of mask which are white mud, sea weed, yoghurt and chocolate.  Each mask has different property.  Let’s just try. 

When the skin is brighter but the shape is cumbersome and full of cellulite.
What should I do? 

Try out slimming massage to reduce cellulite and the weight will also reduce immediately. Slimming massage aims to activate the cells to burn the fat and expel toxins.  If you take slimming massage regularly the cellulite will be fully got rid of.  After the skin and shape are getting better, the face is also an important part to care for. 

Facial treatment helps tightening you face skin, adding up flexibility, motivating circulation, giving refreshment and relaxation.

When all parts are perfect, but still having hairs on your body, unattractive nail and messy hair, we recommend wax and tinting, nail care, beauty and tattoo.  Everything can be completed here and you will feel freshened in short time.

  Now it’s not complicated what service of Phu Massage you will use.  Our recommendation is that you use all treatments and you will be impressive and having pleasant memory.  Enjoy!
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